The process for administering anesthesia is unique for each patient. We consider your pet’s age, breed, medical history, and current health status to tailor our drugs to provide the safest and fastest anesthesia possible.

Most pets receiving anesthesia at Creekside Veterinary Hospital can expect the following:

Pre-anesthetic Evaluation

Our team will want to make sure your pet is in the best possible condition before surgery and anesthesia. You will be asked important questions about your pet’s general health, including whether he or she has had difficulties with anesthesia.

A thorough evaluation of the history, physical condition, and past and current medications of your pet will be completed before preparing an anesthetic plan. The physical exam emphasizes musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and respiratory function to ensure your pet will have the safest anesthetic procedure possible. We will then consider the type and duration of your pet’s procedure and prepare an anesthetic plan. We will use this plan to evaluate, prepare, and conduct the anesthesia administration and recovery of your pet.